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@ . . . . . . My apologies for taking so long to send these images...managed to get time to assemble them today. Please let me know if you have any questions. Take care,

(27 October 2001 email)


@ . . . . . . I have attached my latest images of Jupiter taken on Nov 17.

I used the 30cm SCT telescope at f27 through an AO-2 adaptive optics unit. The camera is a Pixcel 237 CCD operating in hi-res mode and the two IR images were obtained with an IR passing filter centered on 894nm, 337nm FWHM. Note that the first IR frame has not been properly flat fielded resulting in some artifacts on the disk of Jupiter. The angled line at the top of the image is a processing artifact, a result of the disk being close to the edge of the frame.

The IR+RGB image was created by taking a colour image with a Logitec WEB Cam (same optical setup) and replacing the luminance portion of the image with the hi-res IR frame and converting it back to an RGB image.

This was the first night to test the webcam, but the results look promising.

(25 November 2001 email)

Brian COLVILLE (Cambray, Ontario, Canada)

Maple Ridge Observatory

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