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From  David M MOORE

@. . . . . . Masatsugu: Yes, my family watched the entire year, attending a few games, including a NL Championship game with Atlanta. We tried to get tickets for the World Series, but were unsuccessful.


What a win last night! 

Its been quite a ride. 

The City is Very excited!


 I have a Mars image set taken Friday night to finish. Good to see detail coming back, but sad to see Mars shrinking in size. 


Sorry I have not been active observing Mars of late.  I kind of got burnt out taking pictures of a blank Mars during the dust storm. Then Sept. 11 came and being associated with the Military, I've been on edge. My family went on a two week vacation in October and upon our return, there have been much high clouds, disrupting my attempts to observe Mars.


My best to you and thanks for the email.


  (5 November 2001 6:55-07:00 email)


@ . . . . . . . Subject: Re: Mars - November 03, 2001


Hey all: Go Diamondbacks!!


 Good to see detail returning to Mars, but sad to see it diminishing in size.  It is getting small enough that my video techniques are not working real well at grabbing much detail.  It is taxing the capabilities of the video camera w/ filters.

More to follow. Oh did I mention: Go Diamondbacks!! 



 (5 November 2001 9:40 -07:00 email)


(Note) The following is a reply of Frank MELILLO in NY to Dave MOORE in AZ:


Subject: Re: Mars - November 03, 2001


Dear Dave-

 I think those shots of Mars are pretty good considering the size it is now. If Mars stays clear that way, we can hope continue to image the surface features for a long period of time!


 I am a truly Yankee fan. I turned off my TV set when the D'Backs made a loop single in the bottom of the ninth inning to win the World Series! Oh well, next year!


        Frank J MELILLO 


@ . . . . . . . This will probably be the last video image I make of Mars this apparition.


Details are just too faint for the camera, especially the B, though the R and IR turned out fairly well on this set.  I am switching back to the HX-5 with higher F/ratio to continue w/ Mars. Hopefully, this will allow me to follow Mars towards the Sun into early next year.


Tried posting to MarsWatch, but server is down.



       (11 November 2001 email)

  Dave MOORE  (Phoenics, AZ, USA)

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