LtE in CMO #253

From Frank J MELILLO

@. . . . . . I did some CCD imaging at 22:30 UT (10-28) with a red filter Wr. #25. Just to inform you that at 306 CM longitude, there is one big bright area, brighter than the SPC from Hellas across to Mare Serpentis, Hellespontus and Noachis regions. It covers nearly the whole southern hemisphere. I don't know if this is frost or another development of the dust clouds. It looks unusually. The seeing was no better than average.

The images will follow shortly.

(29 October 2001 email)


@ . . . . . . Here is my image of Mars 10-28-2001.


I notified many of you about a very bright area in the southern hemisphere. Now after I processed, I have a pretty good description. You can easily see the very bright area in and out around Hellas. Syrtis Major looks very thin with perhaps some dust clouds still scatter around.†††††

(30 October 2001 email)

@ . . . . . . Dear Masami, Dan T, Dan J and Rik-

Here are my latest images of Mars 11-6-2001.


(8 November 2001 email)


@ . . . . . . .Thanks for your e-mail. Yes, I was kind of surprised when I heard about the plane crash near my parents' house which they live on the opposite direction of JFK airport. My father could see the black smoke toward his SW direction. I live toward out east. My mother works in Queens and a lot of people were panic as they believe it could be the terrorist attack. As of now, no word yet of what causes the plane to crash. The security is very tight and they close all bridges and tunnels to Manhatten most of the day. So, letís see what happens.


I just about to e-mail you my latest image of Mars on 11-10-2001.


Hopefully, you can open my file.


I have my own website now. If you have a chance later, you can see at:††††


†††† (12 Nov 2001 17:35:29 EST email)††




Frank J MELILLO (Holtsville, NY, USA)

Director, the ALPO Mercury Section

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