LtE in CMO #253

From Nicolas BIVER

@. . . . . During the last days I missed some of the best (weather wise) opportunities to observe Mars, but still got some acceptable opportunities. Here are drawings made at the time Syrtis Major was the main feature to look for, but it seems to me that its northern part is not well defined or might still be obscured by dust?  Other dark features (M Cimmerium, Tyrrhenum,...) seem back to quasi normal shape and contrast. The South Polar Cap looks shifted towards higher CML (~ 30) as it was a little on that side on the 21st and not confidently seen on the 24th (Could it also be some dust cloud effect?).

(25 October 2001 email)


@ . . . . . . . I finally got some better opportunities to observe Mars last Week-End from France. Mare Sirenum was clearly seen, although it may not be as dark as it was before the storm - still a bit veiled?  Clear Skies,      

(8 November 2001 email)

Nicolas BIVER  (Versaille, France/Noordwijk, The Netherlands)

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