LtE in CMO #253


@. . . . . . Attached is an image I made last night of Mars of  8.8 arcsecs.

 DOMBROWSKI, Philip L.  Glastonbury, CT  USA, Meade 12" (30cm) SCT f/30 #25 red filter. CM 295.  Diameter 8.8 arcsec.  Composite of 30 images stacked with AstroStack and processed with Paint Shop Pro.

  Visible are the areas of SPC, Hellas, Syrtis Major all through low local altitude, poor seeing, and Martian dust storm.

(31 October 2001 email)


@ . . . . . . I would like to submit my latest Mars image.   Thank you,         

(12 November 2001 email)

Phil DOMBROWSKI (Glastonbury, CT, USA)

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