LtE in CMO #255

From David M MOORE

@. . . . . . Subject: Saturn - December 19, 2001

Here is a low res. Saturn image taken in what appeared to be great seeing, but images were still a bit mushy for the long exposures required for Saturn.

A nice green circle is apparent in the Polar region.

(26 December 2001 email)


@. . . . . . . . Subject: Mars - January 02. 2002

  Dusk is usually my best seeing this time of year. These images of Mars were taken just past sunset, and are poorer than last weeks set. Contrast is pretty poor. I stacked a lot of images to get them this good.

Comparing the images to a Mars map, many features are identifiable however: Argyre, Mare Erythraeum, a bright Chryse, and Solis Lacus to name a few. Images were enlarged 10 percent.


Hope the holidays were good for all! Now get back to work!!

(2 January 2002 email)

Dave MOORE (Phnix, AZ, USA)

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