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From  David M MOORE

@. . . . . . Masatsugu: I anticipate clear and fairly steady skies this evening. Plan on a set of images as Hellas will be close to CM for my location.


(12 January 2002 at 07:55:27-0700)


@ . . . . . . I will still be imaging Hellas this evening, so the hunt is STILL on!

 (12 January 2002 at 07:59:07-0700)


@ . . . . . . Subject: Mars - January 13, 2002

  My 20 minute "window" of good seeing per night at Dusk, held true tonight. This image set was taken through varying layers of Cirrus shortly after sundown. The Red image is best owing to shorter exposures. It's nice to have Mars at a decent Declination, -2.1 degrees and only slightly past the CM. Of course, as I write this, it is now cloudy again, so imaging Jupiter is out.

  As the Green images were taken, heavier Cirrus whisked by, lowering my saturation levels by 30 percent. As a result I had to use the R(G)B technique to get a good color image. The G image was too far out of synch. from the R and B images. Images were enlarged 60 percent.


(12 January 2002 at 21:17:58-0700)


@ . . . . . . Masatsugu: I still like video very much, but Mars was too small for the sensitivity of my video camera with filters. I am very impressed with the results with the Sony video camera Kumamori uses. I have much the same Sony camera, but have never used it for astronomy. I also use the Starlite Xpress HX-5 camera. The seeing usually does not allow me to use it to its fullest effect however.

Again I apologize for sending that old message. I had my old emails sorted by sender looking for a particular message.. I forgot about this and saw the message, thinking it was current and replied without looking at the date. I am getting old!


 (14 January 2002 email)


@ . . . . . . Masatsugu: Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Of course, I accept your offer to send me the CMO minus white powder! I will send you my address.

Yes, I see Don is imaging again. No one does it better more consistently. Don has far better seeing than I.

    Heh, Heh, as for my age, I am 45, though sometimes I feel and act 85!

Obviously Don is going senile (ha, ha) as I was at his home only last June for the Mars flashes and saw Don at Tom Dobbins's home a year ago!

   Take care and Thanks again

(23 January 2002 email)

  Dave MOORE  (Phoenics, AZ, USA)

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