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From  David M MOORE

@. . . . . . Subject: Mars - January 26, 2002

 Here are some Mars images. The seeing was not very good, but enough to see a bright area in the North.  Elysium?

 Oh, rumor is Don P is having a b-day soon.  Happy birthday Don!

(27 January 2002 email)


@ . . . . . . Masatsugu:  I am sorry as I have been gone for a few days and am only now back in the e-mail. Yes, you are correct regarding the July 07 image. Reviewing the tape this morning, it was time-stamped July 06. Accounting for UT this makes it July 07. I suspect that I wrote July 07 on my notes, then added another day to it when editing the images. Sorry for any confusion! Hard to believe those images are 7 months old already.

  The day before I left, a big package from Japan did arrive at my home.

I have alot of reading to do!!  Thank you so much for sending them!  I would really like to reimburse you for shipping if I may?  It had to cost alot to send this package across the pond.

 I have a belated set of Mars images to process today. I took them a day or so before I left. The seeing seemed to be fairly good. I will try to get them out today. My seeing is usually very poor this time of year. The best time to catch the Red Planet is just before sunset while the air is still stable. Finding Mars is proving to be very hard now in the finder scope!

 Really enjoyed Parker's B'day card!

Thanks so much

(18 February 2002 email)


@ . . . . . . Subject: Mars - February 12, 2002

 Hey everyone: Here is a belated image set of Mars from early last week. I've been away for a few days. The seeing was OK, but exposures are getting long and affecting image quality. Especially in Blue and Green light. Mars is getting hard to find in the finder scope with the Sun still up. Lots of fine detail in the Red image. Edom is bright.

 Didn't miss a thing while I was gone. It has been variably cloudy all the while I was gone.


(18 February 2002 email)

  Dave MOORE  (Phoenics, AZ, USA)

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