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From Damian A PEACH

@. . . . . . . Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2002 23:13:06 -0000

From: "Damian Peach" <>

To: "Richard McKim" <>

Cc: "Masatsugu Minami" <>,

    "Donald Parker" <>

Subject: Mars Images (March 1st, 2nd.)


Hi Richard,

 Here are some more Mars images from March 1st, and 2nd. Good seeing again prevailed on the first night, but not so much on the second night. I picked up Mars about 45min before sunset to be sure i could start as soon as possible. Solis Lacus is very clear in the 1st images, and also some detail over Tharsis. The SPC presents a small collar. Nilokeras also seen near the limb. Coprates seems rather obscured. Some possible clouds over Chryse. On the 2nd images Chryse does show some noticeable cloud, and the albedo markings around the candor area seem dark (also seen in the 1st images.) Anyway, your feedback would be most appreciated. Was good to meet you finally last weekend...

Best Wishes

@. . . . . . . Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 01:10:58 -0000

From: "Damian Peach" <>

To: "Donald Parker" <>

Cc: <>, <>

Subject: Re: Mars Images (March 1st, 2nd.)


Hi Don,

>Excellent images! Your image from 1 March shows Solis Lacus "Eye of Mars" very nicely. In addition, the darkening in Daedalia-Claritas is prominent. It would appear that on both images that Aurorae Sinus is "doubled."  It has a very strange appearance. What do you think, Richard and Masatsugu?

 BTW, the CM on 1 March at 17:44 UT is 90.0.


 Many thanks. Yes, it did strike me how "eye like" it looks right now. The Aurorae Sinus markings also struck me - they do seem quite dark, and definatly double in both sets of images. Hopefully you’ll be able to get some follow up images of this as this CM comes into view for you. No chance of more images from here right now - weather has returned to it usual, variable spring self!. Let me know what shows up. Hopefully more images when it improves here.

Best Wishes


@. . . . . . . Subject: Mars images (March 23rd)


Hi all,

 Here are some more Mars images, this time from March 23rd. I was fortunate as seeing around sunset was excellent and allowed high resolution images. The images show the Elysium hemisphere following Syrtis Major.

 Note Trivium Charontis is visible as a dusky marking, as well as albedo variations across Mare Sirenium/Cimmerium. Also the Hesperia mouth is visible, which spans about 0.25" at the moment. The IR image probably is, i believe close to the limit of what the 12" is able to resolve.

Best Wishes 

                (24 March 2002 email)

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