LtE in CMO #282

From Tomio AKUTSU

・・・・・・・・Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 00:01:25 +0900

Subject: 火星画像 AK031024




Image data      24 October 2003


  R  16-35 images  exposure 0.1 seconds                           

    G   3-18 images  exposure 0.1 seconds

    B     18-32 images  exposure 0.5. seconds  +Fuji SP-4


    IR(820nm)32-40images  exposure 0.6 seconds    


Filter : RGB filter of Type 2IDAS)


      S=1-4/10    T=5/5



阿久津 富夫 (Tomio AKUTSU栃木 140.2°E, 36. 7°N Karasuyama, Tochigi)     

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