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FromChristophe PELLIER


@ . . . . . . . .Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 17:12:59 +0200

Subject: Mars, october 22 2003


Hi observers, just a few images taken the other day inside the very heart of a low pressure... with very poor seeing of course. Nonetheless I have made my first try of K. Okano's idea of using the B filter with the Magenta Fuji SP-4 to block the light after 450 nm and despite the seeing I find the result very convincing: much white mist seems to have been detected. Now looking forward a steady night to try that in good conditions...

Thanks to Okano for having had the idea and for sending me a piece of SP-4. I really think that this is a promiseful method.


Best wishes,



@ . . . . . . . .Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 17:31:14 +0200

Subject: Re: RE:Re: RE:CMO news ?


Dear Masatsugu :


I have received the SP-4 a few days ago now and I tried it for first time on october 22 ; although conditions were poor, the result looks quite convincing to me. I will certainly keep on using it. I have been looking for the white spot near Alba Patera; there is "something white" in MGS images of december 13-14 of 1999 (Ls 262-263), but this is very difficult to judge. It rather looks like clouds (also on the following days, but with a changing shape). In the images at the end of october in 2001 (same season), nothing is seen but the planet was still dusty at the time. It seems that it has been caught also by Don Parker on september 23 just a few days after me. I suppose it could be a frozen relief, but even on the high-resolution maps of MGS I don't really see anything there.


Yes, I have noted also these de-concentration phenomena on the images. Already on my september sets you can see it on many images, although not so developed than on some very recent ones. I was wondering what is was; so you think this is due to a non-uniform distribution of dust: this sounds convincing. Thanks for the explanation...


The weather here is still very fair. There is some sun but soon the sky can cover itself, as today, it's very sunny but some thick clouds are now visible to the west. No really good weather is to arrive soon.

Best regards


@ . . . . . . . .Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 21:51:30 +0100

Subject: Jupiter, October 27 2003


Hi everyone,

Here are my first images of Jupiter of the current season. Seeing was a bit poor (the weather is not getting better !). The red bandpass may have been a bit narrow (the image is noisy) so next time I may try the Astronomik red, which is broader. The STB dark streak is prominent.


Best regards,


@ . . . . . . . .Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 22:54:01 +0100

Subject: Re: Mars, october 22 2003



Please find attached my latest Mars images (CPl27Oct03) The seeing did not recovered of the whole month ! Note again a "transparency-hole" in the atmosphere near Solis Lacus (de-concentration of dust Masatsugu said).

Best wishes,


@ . . . . . . . .Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 22:38:23 +0100

Subject: Mars, november 1st and 3rd 2003


Hi observers,

Some images from early november. On the first day of the month seeing was still fair-poor, but on nov. 3rd warm southern winds finally brought some good seeing to my location - it did not last for very long. Hellas is quite yellow seen near the limb.

Best wishes,


@ . . . . . . . .Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 06:42:45 +0100

Subject: Mars november 6 2003


Hi everyone : seeing was quite good last evening, but the sky is covered again for Jupiter...

Hellas is very bright in blue - no deep blue image because of a sharp decrease in atmosphere steadiness at the end.


Best wishes,


Christophe PELLIER (Bruz, Ille-et-Vilaine, France)


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