LtE in CMO #282

From William Patrick SHEEHAN

. . . . . . . . . Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 07:14:29 -0600

Subject: painting identification



Dear Masatsugu,


Mars is finally a bit out of the way and things are more restful, astronomically. I will be posting all my Mars drawings with the Lick refractor on a web page next few days and will inform you of their whereabouts. Meanwhile, Rem Stone, one of the astronomers at Lick, showed me this exquisite painting, of which he got a copy when he lived in Japan a year (learning Zen archery), but couldn't identify it. Do you know it or where it came from?

Warm regards,


. . . About a painting about a telescope and women:

It is well known here and it was once used as a design of post-stamp (in

1990?, and so we used it once to send the CMO; attached here an

image). It was painted in 1936 by a painter called Cho-u Oota (1896

-1958). It is owned by the National Modern Art Museum in Tokyo (273 x

206 cm). As you see the telescope is realistic. It was drawn based on

a real sketch of the famous 20 cm refractor of the National Science

Museum at Ueno in Tokyo which was built in 1931. The refractor was

made by Nikon (Nippon Kogaku) and is still working (once overhaulled).

Sadao MURAYAMA (1924 - ), now retired, worked for a long time for the

Museum and it was by the 20 cm refractor that the young pair of

MURAYAMA and EBISAWA detected the 1956 great dust disturbance on 20

August 1956 and took the Tri-X pictures of the dust storm. (Mn)



Bill SHEEHAN (Willmar, Minnesota, USA )


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