LtE in CMO #283

From Erwin van der VELDEN


. . . . . . . Sent: Monday, November 10, 2003 3:42 PM

Subject: Cloud on Mars


Dear Masami,


Yesterday it was pretty cloudy on Mars (9 November), I haven't seen so much haze this apparition and it made the view of Mars very unusual. Seeing was good for a change 7/10, but it lasted only half an hour, so it wasn't worthwhile to make a second one.




○・・・・・・・・Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2003 3:21 PM

Subject: Mars 2003-11-12


Dear Masami,


another night with half an hour of 7/10 seeing, usually those kind of nights are coming once every month in a couple a few days apart. Probably I have to wait a few weeks for the next decent opportunity. The morning haze on Mars was not as abundant as on the 9th, it looks a bit more flocky now. Note also Olympus Mons and Ascraeus Mons as dark spots, whereas around opposition they appeared as light spots. Is this because they are in the shade of surrounding haze or is there another explanation? I don't see any haze around Ascraeus...




○・・・・・・・・Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 22:04:21 -0500

Subject: RE:Mars 2003-11-12


Dear Masami and Masatsugu,


Thanks for your thorough answer and I'm happy that you find my images useful. For me it's always fun to browse through the excellent CMO website and look at the observations of fellow amateurs, since it can be viewed by date and by author. I've read the 267Note13 page after your suggestion and it is much clearer to me now.


It's a shame that the observing rate has dropped so much lately to get some simultaneous observations, especially with the highly variable haze at this moment. I'll try to make some more observations in the coming weeks, depending on the time available of course.


Good luck with the observations and analysing!




Erwin van der VELDEN (Brisbane, Australia)


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