LtE in CMO #283

From Richard J McKIM

. . . . . . .Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 10:43:32 EST

Subject: Re: CMO Notice #06


Dear Observers


I would like to emphasise the words of the CMO in Notice No. 6 that the apparition is not yet over, and that the BAA Mars Section still welcomes observations. We are now receiving just a few image sets for each night and this no longer covers the whole surface of Mars. Visual observations of the gibbous phase in the past also yielded valuable data about terminator projections and yellow cloud heights. (See my BAA book* on the subject of historical and contemporary Martian Dust Storms!)


The seasonally latest planet-encircling dust storm ever recorded was that which began on 1924 December 9th in Hellas. It began at Ls = 311 and was followed by leading BAA observers, Antoniadi at Meudon, Graff in Berlin, Pickering on Jamaica, and others.


I hope that everyone will carry on until at least the epoch of the 1924 event, if not later, and continue to share their results.


All good wishes


* R McKim: Telescopic Martian Dust Storms: A Narrative and Catalogue, Memoirs of the BAA Vol 44 (June 1999)

Richard McKIM (Peterborough, UK)

Director, the BAA Mars Section

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