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From Josef LAUFER

® . . . . . . . .Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 01:22:18 +0100

Subject: Re: FW:Re: Mars photos


Dear Mr. Minami and Mr. Murakami,


 sorry, I had almost no free time last week: no time to establish a good template for the data where I could only change the figures and the picture. I think I have time on Tuesday.


> We hear your place Würzburg is a beautiful city: The city is also known to

> us as a place related with Philipp Franz von Siebold (1796 - 1866) who is

> widely known in Japan with his great contributions to our country in the Edo era.


Thank you for the compliments; frankly speaking I haven't been yet at the museum. I know where it is, I often see the signs (in japanese as well), and the wife of a retired professor in astronomy was some years ago the vice-president of the society which maintains the museum.


> Though we don't hear these days, the medical faculty of the Würzburg

> University must be also the place for which Ch. Schambeck still works who

> was once the Deutsch Coordinator of the Mars Observations in the previous

> great apparition in 1988.


that's true, I often happen to meet him on my way to the office, when he goes to the university hospital by bicycle. In the last years, he spoke 2 or three times on our lecture evenings, concerning Mars (2001) and the African Eclipse (of June, 2001). But I guess he is very busy in his job at the moment and has very little time for astronomy.


With best regards


LAUFER’s Mars Image on 20 November


Josef LAUFER (Würzburg, Germany)

Volkssternwarte Würzburg e.V.


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