LtE in CMO #285


. . . . . . .Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 21:58:01 -0500

Subject: Mars 14 Dec 2003


Hello everyone...


I have attached an image of Mars taken December 14th. The image leaves a lot to be desired from an image quality standpoint, but I believe that it is of interest with the current dust activity.


The image was taken with a 25cm newtonian that I am currently testing for planetary work, trying to avoid the focus changes that occur with the IR and UV filters. This image was taken at f44 using eyepiece projection with the ToUcam Pro. The RGB image was taken through a Schuler IRX filter, and the IR image was taken thorough a Schuler IR83 filter. Each frame is composited from approx 100 of the 800 frames in a 30second video clip. Images were stacked and processed with Registax2.


The images show a tiny SPC and a bright area covering much of the centre of the disk, roughly south of Chryse to the Argyre area. Is this some of the dust reported by others during the last week. There are few other features visible, though I think Sinus Meridiani is visible along the limb on the left side of the image. I would be interested in any comments on the image that anyone would care to pass along (and corrections of any of the above if necessary).



Brian COLVILLE (Cambray, Ontario, Canada)

Maple Ridge Observatory


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