LtE in CMO #286

From Dr P Clay SHERROD

® . . . . . . . Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2004 05:57:38 -0600

Subject: A New Year....ASO in 2003


Hello to all....


The year 2003 was a remarkably successful year of observation and transition for ASO.  As most are aware, this past year saw the development and changes of ASO Petit Jean Mountain (Harvard/MPC H41) as well as ASO Cascade Mountain (Harvard/MPC H44).  We are now entering our 33rd year and are very proud to still be going strong.....


A complete review of this wonderful year 2003 has been written and posted under CURRENT NEWS at the ASO website

which demonstrates our dedication to both outreach and education and astronomical research in a variety of fields.


I wanted to share this review with you, since in my opinion each of YOU have helped make this successful year richer in the rewards of discovery and outreach.  Hoping that your 2004 offers the darkest of skies, the brightest of comets, and a universe filled with astronomical discoveries that can only be matched by your imaginations...


® . . . . . . . Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2004 06:07:58 -0600

Subject: OT-A wonderful New Year.....


Hello to all....hoping for the brightest stars in the coming year.


P Clay SHERROD (Arkansas, USA )  

Arkansas Sky Observatory


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