LtE in CMO #289

From Donald C PARKER

. . . . . . . . .Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 01:06:00 +0000

Subject: Mars Images


Hi All,

I have attached some Mars images from 23 Feb. The NPC now visible in red light. Also a darkening appeared in SW Daedalia on the terminator.



MARS IMAGES, 23 February, 2004


D.C. Parker, Coral Gables, FL. 16-in (41cm) Newtonian

ST9XE CCD Camera Eyepiece Projection @ f/59

Integration Times: RRGB Images

RED (RG610 Red Filter, 610-1100nm: NO IR Rejection) 0.23s 2-3 images

GREEN (CFW8C, 531nm central; BWHM 86nm) 1.00s 4 images

BLUE (CFW8C, 450nm central, BWHM 116nm) 4.00s 6 images

Images bias, flat and dark corrected.


Seeing good, (7 Pickering). Transparency = 3.5-4m with haze.

No Wind. Altitude = 48 degrees. Moderate dew.


NP Hood prominent but NOTE: NPC now visible in red light. SP Hood weak. Bright PM limb haze. AM cloud over SW Thaumasia. Daedalia very dark on terminator.



Don PARKER (Miami, FL, USA)

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