LtE in CMO #250

From  Dave MOORE

@. . . . . . Subject: Mars - August 17, 2001;


It been a while, but the monsoon clouds finally parted several hours for these images.  Seeing was pretty good, a 7 or so.

   It appears the dust has cleared a bit on this hemisphere from last rotation. Southern regions including Sinus Sabaeus and Sinus Meridiani are quite visible, though strange looking through dust and shadows.  Hellas is bright. The NP area is less bright than last rotation.  Very bright late afternoon limb in R and IR. Thanks 

(17 August 2001 email)

@ . . . . . . Subject: Mars - August 21, 2001;


  This is a bit late. I imaged again tonight, should have those results Saturday.  Syrtis Major and Hellas are visible, though weak and somewhat ill-defined.  Strong limb brightening. NPH weak. Thanks

(23 August 2001 email)

  David M MOORE  ( Phoenix, AZ, USA)

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