LtE in CMO #250


@. . . . . . A couple of days ago I received the CMO #247 journal. Thank you for sending it to me - from reading it appears a very comprehensive and detailed account of the events of the period.

 As we have been clouded out here for the past three weeks, I have had no observations to contribute. Monday proved clear though, so I did manage to obtain some images. Unfortunately my B filter is damaged and awaiting repair, so I'm afraid that I cannot provide B data for a week or so. I'm sure that Barry Adcock will forward the current images to you as he receives them from me.


 I have attached some older images for your record - just before the start of the dust storms - as I am not sure if you have them.

 Again, thank you for your journal.


Kind regards

(15 August 2001 email)

 Maurice VALIMBERTI (Victoria, Australia)

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