LtE in CMO #250

From   Nicolas BIVER

@. . . . . . Here are additional selected drawings of August 5 and 8, if you want to post them on the CMO web page.

(14 August 2001 email)


@ . . . . . .Those days Syrtis Major was to cross central meridian of Mars at the time it was close to transiting from our European longitudes. As you will see on this selection of drawings I made recently, the northern part of Syrtis Mj is faintly visible, and I think I was also able to guess darker markings around the location of M. Tyrrhenum and M. Cimmerium, although there are brighter spots (dust clouds?) affecting their shapes and generally the contrasts are quite low (I would say that getting a new look at Saturn and Jupiter with 507 magnification and very good seeing (25.6-cm telescope) on the 11.2 of August, strongly reinforced the fact that mars features are very faint - Saturn belts look darker!). For the last week(s) the NPH seemed to have decreased or been swept away by some dust? Is it just a matter of unfavourable CML or that poles are getting affected by the dust storm?

As a reminder, I try to put the full set of my drawings on my web page:


Clear and Steady skies!

(14 August 2001 email)

  Nicolas BIVER  (Meudon, France or Noordwijk, Nederland )

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