Communications in Mars Observations

The OAA Mars Section, Japan


-- 25 November 2001 --


From #253, we cite 4 articles


CMO No 253 contains:

1.      The 17th issue of the CMO 2001 Mars Report describes

CMO Mars Observations made

during the one-month period from 16 October 2001 to 15 November 2001

depending on the observations made by the following observers: AKUTSU, BIVER (France), DOMBROWSKI (USA), ISHADOH, KUMAMORI, MELILLO (USA), MINAMI, MOORE (USA), MURAKAMI, T NAKAJIMA, NARITA, Don PARKER (USA), TEICHERT (France), TSUNEMACHI and VALIMBERTI (Australia). The season covers from 253 degrees to 273 degrees of Ls.

Letters to the Editor records a number of emails or letters received during the period from 25 October to 24 November 2001.

Teruaki KUMAMORI communicated a composite image of Leonids on 18 November at 19:26 19:34 GMT made by the use of a Sony TRV-900 equipped with a 35mm F1.4 lens and I.I. The Leonid peaks came at around 17:30 and 18:30 GMT in the Orient as predicted by David ASHER.

Richard McKIM gives a memorial message by receiving the news of the death of Toshihiko OSAWA.

Bill SHEEHAN visited South Africa and writes about the 2001 Mars nearly at the zenith there. He had a chance to use the 26.5 inch Grubb refractor that was used by W S FINSEN in 1954 and 1956.

Bill also communicated the brisk appearance of the Leonid shower in MN at around 10:00 GMT on 18 November. The LtE also includes an interesting communication from David STRAUSS to Bill concerning the Lowell cult in Japan. 

Randy TATUM also writes about the Leonid streams above his head at Richmond, VA.

A Visit to the Antares Institute #12 written by TSUNEMACHI (in Japanese) is concerned with the brisk Leonid shower she witnessed at Nasu, Tochigi under a dark and clear sky.

    Ten Years Ago (75) (in Japanese) by MURAKAMI reviews CMO #111 published 25 November 1991 in which a Note on Novus Mons observed in 1988 and another Note on the observations of the morning mist at the Solis L area in 1990 were given. Also introduced was the article by the ALPO Mars Section entitled 船ust Clouds on Mars in 1990. Don PARKER痴 image of Saturn by the use of Lynxx cooled camera was first put.


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