LtE in CMO #263

From Damian A PEACH

. . . . . . . . . . Subject: Saturn in 2002-2003.

Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 16:21:22 +0100


 Hi all,

With attention soon to turn to Jupiter and Mars, the coming 2 years also present northern hemisphere observers with there best opportunity to observe and image Saturn and its rings in many years. Please visit the link below to an article I recently completed on the coming perihelic oppositions of Saturn in 2002 and 2003.


I hope that you find the article of interest, and look forward to seeing everyone's future images and observations.

Best Wishes


. . . . . . . . . .Subject: PLEASE READ. Major change of contact information.


Dear Friends, I am writing to inform you of my change of contact details.

Please do not send any e-mail to my primary e-mail account

after August 20th, as I will not receive it.


Also, please do not send any "snail mail" to my UK postal address as from August 20th, again as I will not receive it.


I would request that during the period Aug 20th - Sep 15th please send your CCD images of Jupiter/Saturn to


Around September 15th I will contact you all with my new Spanish based primary e-mail address.


My primary postal address (for the CMO, and all other journals) is now:


Calle Dr. Guigou,

18 Urbanizacion, Las Aguilas

38400, Puerto de la Cruz,

Tenerife, Spain.


My sincere thanks to everyone for recognising this change, and I greatly look forward to resuming observing/imaging and analysis from my new home on Tenerife in September.


Best Wishes

  (16 August 2002 email)


Damian PEACH (Tenerife, Spain)

ALPO/BAA Jupiter Sections; BAA Saturn Section

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