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From Jeffrey D BEISH

. . . . . . . . . . Masatsugu, how are you? All is well here. Soon I am going to dig a hole and pour a concrete base for the 16-inch telescope mount. I have modified that telescope for a motorized focus to use with the QuickCam video camera and will soon be ready for the 2003 apparition of Mars. After many months of practice I may be able to produce nice images of planets once again.

Here is the Interim 2001 report that included a table for the South Polar Cap measurements.


click on he file: Interim 2001.htm

 (9 August 2002 email)


. . . . . . . . . .Masatsugu,


I have almost finished my observing site and only have to pour in the concrete and mount the 16-inch telescope. Hopefully the weather will be good for us here in 2003. One never knows. I suspect that if I finish installing my telescope it will be cloudy for some months to come.


The weather in Florida is wet and hot. However, it seems to be cooler this year than last year. My electricity bills are less, so I use less power and that nearly reflects the climate.


Don Parker is dropping by today and we hope to finish the 2001 apparition report by tomorrow. At least make progress with it. I will post it on the Mars-ALPO page of Yahoo groups and send you the URL so to evaluate the report. Personally I ma tired of doing reports and will not be so active in the future. Hopefully some younger observers will be interested in doing this work.

I am hoping during 2003 we have less dust storm possibilities so to observe a clear Martian atmosphere and surface. However, the giant storm in 2001 indicated to me that we will have a repeat in 2003 so I will be ready for it. Dust storm studies are interesting but they do tend to lower interest in observing the Red Planet after months of a dusty appearance.


Say hello to the observers in Uchinanchu.

(13 August 2002 email)


. . . . . . . . . .Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 07:48:25 -0400

From: "Jeffrey D. Beish" <>

To: "Don \(Bell\) Parker" <>

Cc: "Tippy \(CIS\) D'Auria" <>,

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Subject: Ten Years Ago Today


 Well, some of you may remember 10 years ago, August 24th, 1992. While it is hard to accept that ten years have past by we who survived hurricane Andrew remember. We remember how it changed our lives. 2002 is supposed to be a quiet year.


Jeff BEISH (Location on Earth:(2721'06.4''N, 8119'36.4''E)

Lake Placid, FL, USA )

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