LtE in CMO #268

From David M MOORE

. . . . . . . . Subject: Saturn - December 31, 2002


All: Finally had a chance to do a little imaging last night. Here is an image of Saturn. It was taken with the Astrovid 2000 and 500 plus images stacked with Registax. Happy New Years!!


      (1 Jan 2003 00:16 GMT email)


. . . . . . . .Subject: Jupiter - January 11, 2003


All: With Damian Peach's success with his webcam, I dusted my own 3Com off and put it to use the past two evenings. I had stopped using it early last year as I was frustrated by poor seeing and never bothered to use it again. At any rate, Thursday evening had an early fog set in from rains in the morning. I captured some wonderful images, but failed to save them correctly and lost them all. Hoping Friday night would be a repeat, I was out again. There were many cirrus clouds and seeing was not as good as the prior evening. Still I managed to capture the best Saturn I have ever done and really wish I had Thursday nights images back! The Jupiter images are indicative of the variable seeing I was experiencing.


(11 Jan 2003 email)

Dave MOORE (Phoenix, AZ, USA)

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