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We are having a record year for beautiful high resolution images of Jupiter...however, there is a really problem with the quantity and being able to quickly examine and analyze what we are looking may seem to be a small problem at the front end, but when hundreds and hundreds of quality images are received and processed daily by so many of us (which are tremendously appreciated always....) we really must remind folks of consistency in format.


I think those who welcome and review this images agree that we really need some sort of standardization in image orientation if at all possible.....south preferably should be up and "sky east" to the right in all images for proper astronomical orientation for most computer programs, sky charts and review programs.


At this time I am receiving images that sometimes have south up, then north up.....sometimes mirror images as though they have been taken through a diagonal attachment.Many of these have NO indications of sky direction whatsoever; if you do not mark your images with the cardinal points, then please orient with south UP, east RIGHT if at all possible.


Although some old hands here might be pretty adept at picking up instantly on what is what, it is very difficult to do direct comparisons of two or more images if they are all in various stages of sky rotation.


Just a thought....I would like to hear from the rest of you out there who use these images?Any thoughts on this?We used to pretty much "demand" a standard orientation or images were frequently rejected.


With the outstanding high res work being submitted at this time, we need standardization to be fully efficient in our analysis of the planet.


Please let me hear from you on this....


Thanks to all.       

(1 March 2003 email)


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