LtE in CMO #270

From Damian A PEACH

. . . . . . . . . . Dear Masatsugu,


Thank you for your mail. I must inform you that last week, circumstances forced a return to the UK - at least for the near future. I was unable to obtain any further Mars images during Feb and Mar as the seeing in the early hrs at Tenerife was usually very bad, despite the 30 degs altitude.


I am currently unsure as to what my plans are for the Mars opposition, and i will soon be installing a dedicated Planetary newtonian, which i will be using from this summer onward. This new high quality custom telescope should provide even better images.


My final images from Tenerife were on March 11th. I completed 110 nights of Jupiter imaging during my stay!. Overall Tenerife is not a good site for consistent good seeing.


I hope to be able to begin sending you images again before opposition, though from where this will be i am currently unsure...


Thanks again, and i hope you are enjoying some fine views of Mars now its diameter has increased.


Best Wishes

(20 March 2003 email)

Damian PEACH (Tenerife, Spain)

ALPO/BAA Jupiter Sections; BAA Saturn Section

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