LtE in CMO #270

From Donald C PARKER

. . . . . . . Here are some Mars images from 8 March. Looks pretty normal for the season. Noachis-Hellespontus very dark. Best,

(12 March 2003 22:13:33GMT email)


. . . . . . .Thanks for your kind message, Masatsugu,


My neighbor graciously allowed me to severely trim his palm tree, so I can now image Mars until approximately 5:15 AM.


I think that the dark region is Depressiones Hellesponticae. It seems to extend well into Noachis. It does seem a bit unusual.


Please give my regards to Murakami and all the OAA Mars observers. Best,

(13 March 2003 email)


. . . . . . .I have attached some Mars images from 16 and 18 March. Seeing was very poor, especially on 16 March. Despite this, some interesting details are visible. Cerberus, weak on the 16 March images, appeared darker on 18 March, when it was farther from the PM limb. Also, there was no evidence of any prominent orographic activity over the Elysium Shield.


The 18 March image was a first attempt with a Phillips ToUCam Pro webcam.


Despite horrible seeing and prismatic dispersion, it does reveal some information.

(19 March 2003 email)


Don PARKER (Miami, FL, USA)

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