LtE in CMO #271

From Kai Li RIU

@ . . . . . . . . . . Dear Dr. Minami,


Please read the attach file which is a letter (in Japanese) from Mr. Thomas Wang at Taipei Astronomical Museum in Taiwan.


 (1 April 2003 email)


@ . . . . . . . . . .Dear Dr. MINAMI,


Sorry for writing back so late because we are terribly busy these days (Children holiday). I already translate your letter to Mr. Wang and Tao. Both of them are very excited and will write back to you a few days later. Mr. Wang's E-mail has some problem to sent mail out, but maybe it's ok to receive letters. If you have any thing want tell him directly you can try it. His E-mail is  Mr. Wang's face was filled with memory when he talking about you.

 Sorry, we did not explain what we need clear enough in last letter. We invite you to write an article for TAM's Magazine Taipei Skylight. We are planning a subject about Mars in May & August issue. one of the topics we want to introduce the Mars observation in the world and the most famous associations (or astronomical observatories) which are major in Mars observation and research (such as ALPO, and the Pic du Midi) including their remarkable achievement. Mr. Tao recommended you are the No.1 person to write this article. Although there may be no observatory which is mainly concerned with the planet Mars at present, the observation world is carried by prominent amateurs around the world. We still hope you introduce some Mars observation development in history not only in these monent.You can write either in English or Japanese only you feel comfortable. It will need about 3 pages and due on June 10. ・・・・

  If you have any question please feel free tell me I will try my best.

 With best wishes

            (6 April 2003 email)


Kaili RIU (劉 愷 )

(Taipei, Taiwan)

Editor of Taipei Skylight

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