LtE in CMO #272

From K C PAU

. . . . . . .Dear Mr Minami,

I am a Hong Kong amateurs. Recently, I took some Mars photos. I hope these photos may be useful to your Mars Section.


(28 April2003 email)

. . . . . . .Subject: Mars on 21May03


Dear Mr Minami,

Enclosed is the Mars image taken this morning in Hong Kong. The seeing was poor and I could not observe any feature on the surface of Mars except the polar cap and its surrounding. I wonder if the dust storm has occurred?


(22 May 2003 email)


. . . . . . .Subject: Mars on 22May03 (UT)


Dear Masatsugu, 

Thank for your information about the dust storm around Solis L. We will keep our eyes on it. However, the weather became bad tonight and the weather forecast will be rainy within these coming days. Anyway, we will standby to wait for sudden clearing of sky.


Enclosed is the Mars image taken this morning, Hong Kong time.


(23 May 2003 email)


K C PAU (Hong Kong)

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