LtE in CMO #272

From William P SHEEHAN

. . . . . . . . . . Dear Masatsugu,

I am about to leave here for New Zealand, where I will be working for six weeks and giving a couple lectures on astronomical subjects.


We are all looking forward to this grand summer opposition of Mars, and I am eager to see you next spring for a visit to Noto.


I will be in touch again once I have e-mail contact re-established in New Zealand.

With very kind regards,

(2 May 2003 email)


. . . . . . . . . .Dear Masatsugu,


Very good to hear from you and of all the activities. I hope your health is restored.


I will be observing Mars some from New Zealand and then, when I am back here, during August and September, am planning a series with the Lick refractor. I will report often to you.


Yes, the May 2004 meeting will be grand -- and it will be so even if we do not happen to catch the cherry blossoms!


By then we will also be able to mull over reports from the Mars Exploration Rovers -- as you know by now, the second of the three rovers will be directed to the site of the Edom Prom flashes that were the subject of so much discussion in 2001. It is a hematite-rich area. We haven't been told but believe that the Mars flashes observed in 2001 may have influenced NASA's choice of this area for the mission. With my best to you and all our colleagues,

(2 May 2003 email)


Bill SHEEHAN (Willmar, MN, USA)

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