LtE in CMO #273

FromBen PACE

ģ. . . . .Subject: Images of Mars/Moon


Hi all,

I liaise closely with Maurice Valimberti in Australia, and he suggested that I start contributing my images to you.


Here are my images of Mars taken with my HX516 Camera. My mount isnít aligned, and I donít have a filter wheel, so itís quite a laborious task to change filters.


BPcís images are on 7 June, 9 June, 19 June and 20 June 2003.


And for those interested, here are some recent pics of the moon. Taken with same equip (6" Mak, F/24 and an HX516 camera). Let me know if you want me to send these to you too.




†††††††††††††††† (June 20, 2003 2:20 PM)

Ben PACE (Darwin, Australia)

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