LtE in CMO #273


. . . . . . . Subject: Mars Observation (June 11, 2003)


Dear Mr. Murakami,


I made an observation of Mars this morning. I noted a good mount of detail over the Solis Lacus region as well as interesting cloud phenomena. I welcome any comments on my observation.


Date (U.T.): June 11, 2003

Time (U.T.): 07:40

CM: 079.6

Ls: 201.0, De -20.4, Ds -08.6, K 0.876

Diameter (arc-seconds): 13.65

Instrument: 9-inch (23-cm) F/13.5 Maksutov-Cassegrain

Magnification: 282x, 384x, and 442x

Filters (Wratten): 30 (magenta)

Seeing (1-10): 5-6, Antoniadi (I-V): III

Transparency (1-6): 4-5




The South Polar Cap (SPC) appears brilliant (10/10) over the southern limb. Mare Australe appears as a dark (3/10) collar along the southern border of the SPC. Mare Erythraeum (3-4/10) appears obscured by a very bright (8/10) haze. An extremely bright (9/10) terminator projection ars over the Argyre region (haze with possible dust?). Aurorae Sinus appears dark (3/10) with a dark to dull (3-5/10) Agathodaemon (Coprates) extending from it's following border (Tithonius Lacus appears to be obscured by an extremely bright (9/10) haze). Bosporos Gemmatus appears dark (3/10) extending between Aurorae Sinus and Aonius Sinus (3/10). Solis Lacus appears dark (3/10) and elongated in a NE-SW direction and connected to Mare Erythraeum by a shaded (4/10) Nectar. Two projections are noted over the southern border of Solis Lacus, namely Ambrosia (5/10) followed a thicker Bathys (4/10). Thaumasia, Claritas, Syria, and Sinai appear bright (7/10) surrounding Solis Lacus. Phasis appears shaded (4/10) projecting from the northern border of Aonius Sinus. A very bright to extremely bright (8-9/10) appears between Chryse-Xanthe and Tharsis. The western (following) border of Mare Acidalium (3/10) and Niliacus (4/10) are visible beneath haze. Tempe and Arcadia appear bright (7/10). An extremely bright (9/10) haze appears over the morning (following) and northern limbs.


The best of luck to you and your fellow observers.

(June 12, 2003 8:17 PM)

Carlos HERNANDEZ (Miami, FL, USA)

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