LtE in CMO #273


. . . . .Subject: Follow-up images to Thaumasia activity


Attached is a preliminary set from this morning... Will follow with final captioned image soon.


(25 May 2003 07:40:54 +1000)


. . . . .Subject: Final image 24th May


Attached is the final version (captioned) of the data taken this morning. Very bright am. limb in "R" (from camera) on 17:11 UT image.

(25 May 2003 17:06:03 +1000)


. . . . .Subject: Mars 29th May


Dear Masatsugu


I have attached for your information an image of Mars taken this morning. Seeing was better than yesterday. Interesting 'line' from around Oxia Palus to near Nectar...


(30 May 2003 23:05:45 +1000)

. . . . .Subject: Re: RE:Mars 29th May


Dear Masatsugu


Unfortunately we have had poor seeing this nothing to send to you. I will try again tomorrow.

(31 May 2003 09:00:31 +1000)


. . . . .Subject: More images from the 29th May


I have processed more data from the 29th; attached is the result. I believe that the 'feature' mentioned in my earlier message is also visible (just) in the poorer 17:50UT data as well as both those taken at 18:50 and 18:53. Unfortunately it is raining here at present, so I cannot provide more recent observations.


(31 May 2003 23:23:03 +1000)


. . . . .Subject: Mars images from the 22nd June


After 24 days of virtually total cloud cover, the sky cleared on the 22nd UT. Attached are some images which I took during that time....


best regards

(24 June 2003 22:19:57 +1000)


Maurice VALIMBERTI (Melbourne, Australia)

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