LtE in CMO #273

From Thomas A DOBBINS

. . . . . . Subject: Re: Mars - June 14, 2003




Registering and combining separate images taken in rather narrow spectral bands should all but eliminate the effects of atmospheric prismatic dispersion, rather pronounced given the modest altitude of Mars seen from mid-northern latitudes like ours. This may account for the superiority of the resulting R(G)B images versus those obtained with the webcam used as "single-shot color" device.



(14 June 2003 18:05:19 -0400)


. . . . . .Subject: Atmospheric prismatic dispersion


Dear Masatsugu:


I am pleased to report that a variety of devices (wedge prisms, Risley prisms) for neutralizing atmospheric prismatic dispersion are now being offered here in the US, just in time for the current favorable opposition of Mars.


Please click on "New Products" at:


Kind regards,

(22 June 2003 13:34:11 -0400)


Tom DOBBINS (Coshocton, OH, USA)

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