LtE in CMO #273

From Wei-Leong TAN

. . . . .Subject: mars image 24th May 2003


Dear everyone,


Attached is the mars image from this morning (24th May 2003). No sight of the reported dust storm earlier.

(25 May 2003 email)


. . . . . .Subject: Mars images from 8th June 2003


Dear Mars Observers,


The skies is finally clear and I managed to obtain some images. Attached are the two mars images from this morning.

I've used the baader UV-IR filter with a bandpass of 400-700nm for the 2222UT image.


For the 22:16UT image, the bandpass of the Red and blue filters were reduced to 600-700nm and 400-500nm respectively, this should compare well with bandpass of other interference filters and allow the Red and Blue frame to be useful for studies of white clouds details.

(9 June 2003 email)


. . . . . .Subject: mars image 18th June 2003


Dear everyone,


Finally the skies has clear up and I managed to obtain some mars images. I was able to test out the 5x powermate with the 250mm Mewlon and I am quite satisfied with the results. Seeing was 6-7/10 and transparency 9/10.


Attached is the mars image from 18th June 2003.


I will send more images as I get time to process them.


Let's hope for more clear skies and superb seeing.

(19 June 2003 email)


. . . . . .Subject: mars image 21st June 2003


Dear friends,


The sky has been clear again and I managed to obtain some mars images. Attached is the mars image from this morning. Transparency was poorer this morning 6/10 and seeing was 5/10. I had to reduce the F ratio to f/60.8 (2.5x powermate + 2x barlow). Stacking of 1000 frames out of 1800 frames at 1/25 sec gain at 60%. There are a few other avi that I will get to process later and they will be send out in due time.

Clear Skies to everyone.

(22 June 2003 email)


. . . . . .Subject: mars image 21st June 2003 - 21:57UT (magenta filter)


Dear friends,


Attached is an additional mars image from 21st June 2003. This image is done with the true tech magneta filter and IR blocker. For more information you may refer to this article from the following URL.


The main difference between the UV-IR filtered image and with the UV-IR+magenta filter is the lack of green ghost (surface details) in the B frame as well as no saturation of following limb in the Red frame. The raws are much easier to process. This method with the magenta filter works as expected according to the article.

(23 June 2003 email)


TAN Wei-leong (Singapore)

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