LtE in CMO #274

From David M MOORE

. . . . . .Date: Wed, 25 June 2003 07:50:38 -0700

Subject: Mars - June 25, 2003



Seeing was OK this morning. I got a bit heavy with the gain setting this morning, trying to bring out the subtle clouds in Blue light. Sorry. Quite a few clouds and wisps visible.




. . . . . .Date: Tue, 8 July 2003 09:05:04 -0700

Subject: Mars - July 08, 2003




Was gone for a few days, so this is the first image since the 3rd, which I have yet to send out. Seeing was pretty good for this set.

Looks as thought the dust has spread into Ausonia.


Dave MOORE (Phoenix, AZ, USA)

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