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From Eric NG


® . . . . . .Date: Wed, 25 June 2003 08:01:52 +0800

Subject: 20030624 Mars


Dear friends,


This morning some cloud gaps allowed me to capture Mars again. Very windy (>25kmph) and my Mars was almost all the time moving on the ToUcam Pro screen. And finally got 2 out of 12 avis were useable.


The orographic cloud on Tharsis at PM limb is vivid and also the very diffused clouds over the Olympus Mon especially easily visible in B channel.


Wish you all like it.




® . . . . . .Date: Mon, 30 June 2003 10:53:06 +0800

Subject: 20030629 Mars


Dear friends,


A few isolated rain showers in this morning and the sky was clear for 10mins. As this time I used the new monitor, I still has not adapted it's brightness and the colour difference with my previous one that leading to a bit overexposed. Attached was the Mars shot taken on 20030629 20:22UT (this morning).


The following few days will be fine weather according to the forecast, I hope to  keep in touch with the red planet.




® . . . . . .Date: Mon, 30 June 2003 19:25:03 +0800

Subject: Re: Request for your observations on 30 June


Dear Masatsugu,


I am glad that my image is useful to your analysis on SPC dark spot. As this shot was taken within the cloud gap so the image is over-exposed a bit especially for the SPC part. In fact, that dark spot I thought that might be the artifact due to processing. I promise once the sky is clear, I shall shoot Mars according to the CM and the time you provided to me.


As you may also know that I take image atop of the old building, where I am suffering quite severe current generated by the air-conditioners ... BTW, I am glad to tell you that I will be moving to my rural observing site with my newly purchased 12.5" F6 Newtonian at least for 4 months maily for Mars observation. I expect I will produce some great images and hopefully you will be pleased with my image submission later on.


You may go to my website and you will see my observing site and the scene surrounding my roof.


Warm Regards,


® . . . . . .Date: Tue, 1 July 2003 06:25:57 +0800

Subject: 20030630 Mars


Dear friends,


Attached was the Mars image taken in this morning. This time I used the correct exposure and gain setting and you may see the detail on the SPC. The Solis Lacus is acrossing CM. Very tried and has to sleep, good that today is public holiday in HK ...




® . . . . . .Date: Tue, 1 July 2003 10:18:51 +0800

Subject: Re: 20030630 Mars (time amendment)


Dear friends,


Sorry that the time for the previous sent image should be 19:25UT instead of 19:08UT. Too sleepy while processing the image. Here is the correct time version.




® . . . . . .Date: Wed, 2 July 2003 06:10:43 +0800

Subject: 20030701 Mars


Dear friends,


The attached image was taken in this morning. Same CM as the yesterday posted image. Seeing and transparency was better but gradually degraded. You can see Solis Lacus near the CM and also the limb haze. A thick piece of clouds rolled in half an hour later after this shot that leading me to stop imaging.


There are some bright spot features on the SPC, may anyone kindly comment what are they?




® . . . . . .Date: Wed, 2 July 2003 06:12:31 +0800

From: "Eric Ng" <>

To: <>

Subject: Re: RE:Re: 20030630 Mars (time amendment)


Dear Masatsugu,


I was not be able to capture another good shot at 80 degrees many thick clouds moving across the sky on 30 June morning. I just sent you the one I took this morning and teh resolution of this image is much better.


I need to sleep for 2 hours and have to go work afterwards.




® . . . . . .Date: Wed, 2 July 2003 10:06:06 +0800

From: "Eric Ng" <>

To: <>, <>,

    "domegroup" <>,

    "Masatsugu MINAMI" <>, <>

Subject: Re: [hkas] Mars taken on 1 july 03 (UT)


Hi KC,


Congratulations to your wonderful Mars taken with the 8.5" Newtonian Cassegrain. I also experienced good seeing at around 4:00am. However, there are still some local turbulence generated by the air-conditioners from the high rise building which can be seen while defocus the image.  I shall move to the rural (Tai Po site) next week and install my newly purchased 12.5" there.


I am looking forward to your another master piece obtained by your coming 10" Newtonian.




Eric Ng

P.S. Yes, you may go to select the Cyan of the colour channel and reduce the saturation, the colour of the SPC can be changed back to normal white.


® . . . . . .Date: Thu, 3 July 2003 05:15:03 +0800

From: "Eric Ng" <>

To: "Maurice Valimberti" <>,

    "David M Moore" <>,

    "Masatsugu MINAMI" <>

Subject: Re: Mars 2nd Julyy UT


Dear Maurice,


Don’t worry. I was able to capture the patch over Nilokeras as yours too. I am processing now. I will post the result to you as soon as possible.




® . . . . . .Date: Thu, 3 July 2003 06:20:19 +0800

Subject: 20030702 Mars (F70 & light patch over Nikoleras)


Dear friends,


The sky continued clear, the seeing was not good in average but still fortunately still could captured some steady moment. Attached mars was taken in this morning with the 10" F6 Newtonian as usual but this time I used F70 for the image.


The light patch over Nikoleras (see the one by MauriceValimberti) has been captured on this shot too. I put the RGB and RRGB side by side for your reference. BTW, this time I applied weaker processing which is quite natural looking.


Please feel free to comment.




® . . . . . .Date: Thu, 3 July 2003 11:52:15 +0800

Subject: another 20030702 mars


Dear friends,


I am attaching another 20030702 mars which was taken approximately 40 mins earlier than the shot previously posted. This one was taken at F42.




® . . . . . .Date: Fri, 4 July 2003 07:14:25 +0800

Subject: 20030703 Mars (Great seeing)


Dear friends,


Here were two mars images taken in this morning. God blessed that the dust patch seems diffused already. These two are so far my most detailed shots. Seeing and transparency were good, no wind.


Please feel free to comment



® . . . . . .Date: Fri, 4 July 2003 19:57:12 +0800

Subject: Re: 20030703 Mars (Great seeing)


Hi Richard,


Yes. I will certainly keep track with the dust storm as earliest as next week. Hopefully the sky can co-operate.




® . . . . . .Date: Sat, 5 July 2003 05:47:10 +0800

Subject: 20030704 Mars (sky keep clear, I am almost be dried out)


Dear friends,


Attcahed was the Mars taken in this morning, seeing and transparency were good. I preliminary processed the shot taken at 20:56UT. The spot on the SPC is very distinctly shown in the picture. I put the RGB and the LRGB (L=R) for your reference. Too bad that I need to work earlier today, the sky seems will keep clear a several days more, I hope I won’t be dried out or load down.




® . . . . . .Date: Sun, 6 July 2003 04:59:30 +0800

Subject: Re: Mars on 5 july morning


Dear KC,


Great work!!! Yes. I am also exhausted and I woke up a bit late in this morning so missed the spreading of dust storm. The monitoring of the dust storm will turn to be responsible by Asia region already. The sky will be keep clear for coming a few days according to the weather forecast!


Kind Regards,


® . . . . . .Date: Sun, 6 July 2003 06:04:13 +0800

Subject: 20030705 Mars in this morning


Dear friends,


I woke up a bit late this morning so missed the chance to capture the spreading dust over Noachis as shown on KC Pau's image taken at 17:30UT.


The attached image was taken at 20:21UT and there is a light patch in between Meridiani Sinus and Oxia Palus, especially bright in R and G.


Please feel free to comment.


P.S. Need to work OT on Sunday ... So poor ...


® . . . . . .Date: Mon, 7 July 2003 05:44:35 +0800

Subject: 20030706 Mars (dust image)


Dear friends,


I woke up in time to capture the dust spread from Hellas. Attached was the Mars image taken in this morning at 19:08UT. Compare to K C Pau's image, it seems the dust moved southward and increasing the intensity. It is very bright in R and G. May the Mars experts kindly comment on it. I better sleep for a while and will try processing the other photos and post to you all.




® . . . . . .Date: Tue, 8 July 2003 15:15:05 +0800

Subject: Re: mars image 6th July 2003 - addition images 2053UT and 2122UT


Hi Damian and Weileong,


I am sure he did not steal the HST images!!! I bet he blur and zoon out moasic shots by MGS.




® . . . . . .Date: Wed, 9 July 2003 10:53:58 +0800

Subject: 20030708 Mars (First image with 12.5" Newt)


Dear friends,


I am attaching my first mars shot taken with the newly installed 12.5" F6 Newtonian (actually I took some test shots on 0707). Seeing was fair (3-4/10) but the scope gave me very high contrast so the details are quite well presented.


The dust storm over the Noachis seems less prominent. It is great that it won’t spread globally. May someone kindly comment on it.




® . . . . . .Date: Wed, 9 July 2003 20:47:44 +0800

Subject: 20030707 mars (test shot taken with badly collimated scope)


Dear all,


The attached image surely tells us seeing is not the only reason leading to bad result! This mars was taken on 20030707 after I installed the secondary mirror and mirror in rush in dark without correct squaring of the focuser. Well ... I would say the telescope was really the typical example of misaligned for both secondary and primary too.


The seeing was similar as the one I took on 20030708 and you can see the difference between good and bad collimation result. So .. check collimation rather than shoot image in rush!


Clear skies,

Eric NG (Hong Kong)

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