LtE in CMO #274

From Richard McKIM

. . . . . .Date: Tue, 1 July 2003 16:46:17 EDT

Subject: New dust event on Mars


Dear Don


Thanks for these images and the information. I agree a dust event has commenced, and will issue a BAA e-circular tonight. The bright SPC patch in the longitude of Hellas would be Novus Mons, or were you referring to another bright patch over the cap?


It is not possible to predict how far the event will spread. I would be pleased to receive any further images at once. Many perihelic apparitions have dust events, some local, others larger. I am not yet sure what the focus of this event is, but will review the images closely. It seems to have arisen just north of the Hellas basin. Let's keep watching!


Best regards


. . . . . .Date: Fri, 4 July 2003 06:13:34 EDT

Subject: Re: 20030703 Mars (Great seeing)


Dear Eric:


Yes, the Chryse Planitia dust patch does seem diffused, but as an aestheist I refuse to believe that God had anything to do with its decline! (In any case, I am quite pleased for dust to cover the planet so that all observers can watch Mars with an equal effective resolution!) Similar events occurred at precisely that location in 1939, 1954, 1986, and so on.


The Hellas storm seems to be spreading further: we would class it as 'Regional' now. Will it spread further? You should shortly be able to image the west (following end of the storm).


With best regards


Richard McKIM (Peterborough, UK)

Director, the BAA Mars Section

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