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From  Silvia KOWOLLIK

® . . . . . . Date: Wed, 25 June 2003 21:41:29 +0200

From: Silvia Kowollik <>

Subject: New Mars Image 25 June. 1:30 GMT


Dear Masatsugu,


Tonight I could take a new picture of Mars, this time I saw first time structures in the SPC!


λ=209°Ls  (ω=217°W, φ=21°S)  δ=15.7", ι=39°


® . . . . . . Date: Mon, 30 June 2003 01:09:49 +0200

Subject: New Mars Image 26 June. 1:30 GMT


Dear Masatsugu,


I took a new picture on 26 June. at 1:30 GMT, the seeing was not good, I hope on better weather...


λ=210°Ls (ω=207°W, φ=21°S) δ=15.85", ι=39°


best wishes


® . . . . . . Date: Tue, 01 July 2003 05:43:03 +0200

Subject: New Mars Image 30 June. at 1:00 and 2:14 GMT


Dear Masatsugu,


Tonight I could take a new picture of Mars at 1:00 GMT and later at 2:14 GMT a second one.


Data picture 1:00 GMT (mars-03-06-30-3-00f.jpg)

Seeing: 3-4/10 Transparency: 3-4/5


λ=213°Ls  (ω=162°W, φ=21°S)  δ=16.5", ι=37°


Is it possible, that the picture shows a cloud over a volcano in the Tharsis region? I believe, that the small bright spot near the terminator under the equator is real, because on 3 picture-series (between 0:30 and 1:30 GMT) with 1200 pictures each stream I found this bright spot. And also spots or “bright fog?” at the north pole region...


Data picture 2:14 GMT (mars-03-06-30-4-14b.jpg)

Seeing: 6-7/10

Transparency: 2-3/5


λ=213°Ls  (ω=180°W, φ=21°S)  δ=16.5", ι=37°


best wishes


® . . . . . .Date: Sat, 05 July 2003 03:25:10 +0200

Subject: New Mars Image 04 July 2003, 1:00 GMT


Dear Masatsugu,


in a small part free sky I could take this picture of Mars, before and behind it was rainy...


Data picture 1:00 GMT (mars-03-07-04-3-00.jpg)

Seeing: 2-3/10

Transparency: 3/5


λ=215°Ls  (ω=124°W, φ=21°S)  δ=17,2", ι=36°


I think, I saw some white clouds over the Tharsis-Volcanoes, shadows? or the 3 volcanoes themselves in a line and a second cloud over Olympus Mons, but I am not sure, it was very lousy Seeing...


Best wishes


® . . . . . .Date: Mon, 07 July 2003 23:24:45 +0200

Subject: New Mars Images 7 July. 0:20 to 2:20 GMT


Dear Masatsugu,


This night I had nearly optimal conditions, transparency 8/10, seeing 8/10 and so I could take this pictures between 0:20 GMT and 2:20 GMT (left to right, up to down)


λ=217°Ls  (ω=086°W, 091°W, 096°W, 101°W, 106°W, 111°W, 115°W, φ=21°S)  δ=17,7", ι=35°


best regards


® . . . . . . Date: Tue, 08 July 2003 18:37:17 +0200

Subject: Re: New Mars Images 7 July. 0:20 to 2:20 GMT


Dear Masatsugu,


> Excellent are your series of Mars shot on 7 July!


I think, this was my best night this year, visually I could observe Mars from 22:30 GMT (6th July) to 23:50 GMT, then Mars was high enough over the Wood (and the water dust) eastwards of Stuttgart and I changed to Webcam observing. The first picture (00:00 GMT 7th July) was very dark, so I had some Moiree-Artefacts and had to filter extremely. But since Mars was still rising, at 0:40 the light was bright enough to catch very good pictures...


> I hope you will keep the time schedules you used on 7 July hereafter,

> especially in the times of dust storms.


I do my best, for our Website I made a Rotation animation and I will continue with it, our Visitors love that...


> Yours images show the new Phasis and the Araxes complex well,

> but I think each image is too small and looks embossed. So

> could you re-process again before uploading in our Web?


ok, you are right, I do it again, but the images are the original size with f=42 and if I blow them up, they will lost sharpnes...


Here is my try with mars on 0:00 GMT in double size. Does it still look embossed? I don’t find this word in my dictionary, so I don’t know, what it means...


For each picture I need about 1.5 h to process, so I need some more Time to do it with all my pictures... This night it will be cloudy, so I can try processing with all pictures again (13.300 single pics, 3.8 GB)


best wishes,


Silvia KOWOLLIK (Stuttgart, Germany) 

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