LtE in CMO #275

From Harold HILL

Dear Dr Minami,


For a long time I was a recipient of the OAA Mars Section bulletin and then it suddenly ceased to arrive and could only conjecture that, not having heard from me, you had presumed me to be deceased! I am in my 83rd year but still have a great interest in the observation of Mars and have always appreciated the most regular and prompt arrival of your excellent bulletin with its up-to-date contents and news regarding the planet.


I am over-awed by what can be accomplished by the more talented observers and, in particular, the results achieved by CCD techniques in the hands of skilled and dedicated workers such as Don Parker, but I still endeavour in my small way to observe the features of the most beautiful of telescopic objects.


I now use a much more manageable 140mm Maksutov-Cassegrain which I recognise is limited in aperture for Martian studies but, providing the atmospheric behaves, gives exquisite images which are more contrast but without the resolution of my old 250mm Newtonian reflector.


Commencing to observe in the present apparition on June 25 I found the SPC to be quite large (45-48 areocentric degrees in diameter), uneven in brightness as seen on June 29, but with the using strong 'contrast' band of an indigo tint. Also there was a bright glimmer along the northern limb but no actual cap.


At my latitude of +53 the planet at -14 decl. is low and my present observing session is limited from 0140 - 0300 UT before dawnlight begins to intrude.


I should much appreciate resumption of the receipt of your bulletin and I hope to send my observational results from to time despite my limited means.


Yours very sincerely



P.S/ My friend Mr Alan Heath of Long Eaton confirmed your address on enquiring that it was still the same.


(10 July 2003)

Harold HILL (Wigan, Lancashire, England)

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