LtE in CMO #275

From Johan WARELL

®. . . . . . . . Date: Wed, 9 July 2003 12:32:24 -0700

Subject: Mars obs June 22 - July 9



Dear all,


Here's another batch of seven of my visual observations.  I will send you the complete photocopied observing forms by snail-mail at a later date and at constant scale. I made a final finetune of the new form for the July 9 observation, organized so that subscans may be made for mailing with minimal file size. It is easy for me to share the editable MS Word 97 file if anyone is interested in using it for their own purposes.


The full scanned observing forms are posted on the SAAF web site,, they can be accessed directly at


via "Observationer 2003". On this page I also posted scanned versions of Ebisawa’s classical Mars maps, I hope this is OK or do you think it would be considered a breach of copyright?


As for the observations, the very small and dark appearance of Yaonis Fretum or Nerei Depressio on July 9 was very different compared to June 29 and July 3 when it was more centrally on the disk, I suppose this was an effect of dust clearing. On July 3, N Hellas was clearly lighter than its S half, a slimmer appearance was suspected June 29 but it was then at the terminator. On July 9, Electris and Eridania were bright in the ev, Hellas was bright and yellowish with brighter elongated cores to the S and N, the S features between the SPC collar and M. Cimmerium-M. Tyrrhenum were subdued and inconspicuous, as was the case for the Nodus Alcyonius-Ætheria area.


I have found that the seeing here in Tucson is not as good as I expected, which is undoubtedly due to the very high temperatures (40-45°C in the afternoon, 25°C in the morning), possibly worsened by the Catalina fire which is still raging. Some days are quite dusty, but it tends to clear out during the night.


July 12-August 3 I will go to Australia for three weeks to attend the IAU 25th General Assembly and do some vacationing and will not perform observations. I hope to have time for more drawings or webcam imagery before then however.


Best wishes,


®. . . . . . . . Date: Wed, 9 July 2003 12:38:34 -0700

Subject: CMO address


Dear Masatsugu,


I would like to ask you to mail future CMO's to my new home address in Tucson if possible, rather than to Uppsala. I am staying here at least throughout the year, perhaps longer. My new address is


Johan Warell

2299 N. Silverbell Rd., Apt. #8225

Tucson, AZ 85745



I hope you will have great skies and enjoyable moments with Mars this year and hope to contribute well myself now that I have commenced Mars observations again, albeit with a new scope.


Looking much forward to the excellent CMO's.


Best wishes,


Johan WARELL (Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, Tucson, Arizona, USA)  

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