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From Wei-Leong TAN

. . . . . . . .Date: Wed, 16 July 2003 07:15:33 +0800

Subject: mars image 15th July 2003 - 1941UT


Dear Friends,


Attached is the mars image from this morning (15th July 2003).


The skies weather here has been cloudy most of the time for this month and this morning I managed to steal a few minutes when a small clearing occurs thru the clouds which allows me to image for about 30mins.


Seeing was 5-7/10 and transparency 4-7/10 (thin high clouds)


As usual the images are done with the 250mm Takahashi mewlon @ f/67.5 with the Televue 5x powermate + Philips Toucam Pro and the Baader UV-IR blocking filter. I've experimented with a combination of televue 2x+1.8x barlow for a lower F ratio in the region of f50 which I will process the AVI and send them out this evening.


Best Regards


. . . . . . . .Date: Wed, 16 July 2003 21:29:29 +0800

Subject: mars image 15th July 2003 - 1959UT - super natural processing


Dear friends,


Here's 2nd and final image from this morning (15th July 2003). This is done with the televue 2x+1.8x barlow.


I've processed this image with my new "super natural" method.


You may compare with the 1941ut image posted earlier on, I think the details for this image is still decent.


Stack of 1000 out of 1800 frames toucam pro at 1/25sec gain 50%.


. . . . . . . .Date: Tue, 22 July 2003 00:29:22 +0800

Subject: Re: Mars - July 20, 2003




Nice image you had there. The raw is certainly good as well. It was a nice trip up Kitt Peak, finally the sleepy bug caught me and I felt asleep 90% of the time on the way back to phoenix.

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Subject: Mars - July 20, 2003


TAN Wei-Leong (Singapore)

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