LtE in CMO #276

From David M MOORE

. . . . . . . .Date: Tue, 29 July 2003 14:00:12 -0700

Subject: Mars - July 29, 2003


Finally got a clear morning. Monsoons have been strong this year with heavy cloud cover evenings and early mornings. Not my best effort, even with good skies. Not haven seen Mars in a week it is surprising how large it is now.


Some interesting doings in the North. Mare Acidalium has a bright streak running across it. Bright in red, but not in blue. It seems to be intermingled with the NPH which is more prominent than in the past several weeks. Could be some sort of front or wave w/ dust in it I suppose.




. . . . . . . .Date: Thu, 31 July 2003 13:03:02 -0700

Subject: Mars - July 31, 2003 Dust Obscuration/ Chrse,Xante,



A few breaks in the clouds allowed these rather poor images to be taken. Seeing was very bumpy form evening TStorms to the East. It appears there was something happening in Mare Acidalium on Tuesday morning and now dust is spreading South.


Comparing images from Tuesday morning of the 29th to this mornings, shows definite obscurations of Chryse/Xante region and areas South of it. Also areas around Oxia Palus, Margaritifer Sinus appear changed. I include a comparison image for your study. Hopefully, more in the morning.




. . . . . . . .Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2003 15:03:31 -0700

Subject: Mars - August 03, 2003



Monsoons have taken a brief respite enabling me to image in poor seeing. I attempted to image several hours after the first set in an attempt to capture any leftover dust indications from earlier in the week. Seeing was hopeless however and not even one frame was useable!

At any rate, I noted a general yellow pall over the morning side of the Planet. The limb arc was there, but seemed wider, blending into the yellow pall over the heart of the planet. This was noted in Blue as well.

A blue clearing of a level 1 seemed to be evident.




. . . . . . . .Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 11:36:42 -0700

Subject: Mars - August 05, 2003



Clouds are holding off, but the humidity has dropped allowing for poorer seeing again. However, my shots in individual colors are working well. The ToUcam original images are not. They are blurry.


At any rate, the main thing of note that I see is a prominent morning limb arc in Red. It stretches roughly form the Equator, South to the SPC. Dust residue I presume.

South Polar Cap continues to diminish.




Dave MOORE (Phoenix, AZ, USA)

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