LtE in CMO #276

From Elisabeth SIEGEL

® . . . . . . . .  Date: Thu, 31 July 2003 14:43:44 +0200

Subject: RE: Good to hear


Dear Masatsugu,


Thank you for your mail. I and the family have been away on vacation from July 23 - 29, so I couldn't answer you earlier. It sounds like you're having a good time in Okinawa, devoting most of your time to Mars.


I'll send you six more July observations today. As I don't have your Okinawa address, I hope it's all right to continue sending the stuff to Mikuni.


It's a little tough for me to keep watching Mars these days, as we have our house full of guests. Wayne's brother from California, his sister from New Jersey and her husband and son are here, as well as Gabriel (who moved out in March this year to live on his own in Aarhus, closer to the university) and his fiancée. She has been his girlfriend for more than a year now, and in February they became formally engaged, with silver rings and all. With Wayne, Mira and me, that's a party of nine people. We went to Copenhagen and then later spent a few days in Sweden, before we returned to our home here in Malling on the 29th. When we arrived here, I got a wonderful surprise: our neighbour to the south of us, who used to have a huge tree that bothered me a lot during my Mars observations, has chopped down the tree! It's gone! I'm tremendously pleased!


Yes, it's true, being a visual Mars observer, I feel I'm "one of the last dinosaurs". But with you observing visually too, at least I'm in very good company! I know I'm missing a lot of surface detail, but basically, it's the atmospheric phenomena that count, and I believe I'm able to observe those reasonably well.


Wayne, Gabriel and Mira all send their best regards - which, of course, I do too. Clear skies to you!




® . . . . . . . .From: "Elisabeth Siegel" <>

To: <>

Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2003 9:54 PM

Subject: RE: CMO 2003 News #5



Dear Masami MURAKAMI and Masatsugu,


In response to your e-mail "CMO 2003 News #5" I should like to inform you that as I observed Mars last night (August 7 at 00:10 UT, with a CM of 158.3°), I noticed that the following about-one-fourth of the SPC looked thin and shadowy. I was quite unprepared for this sight (I just read your email, and it is now mid-afternoon here), and the last time I observed - on August 5, also just after midnight UT - I did not notice anything of the kind. So your message was most pertinent, it seems... and right on the mark.


Elisabeth SIEGEL (Malling Denmark)

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