LtE in CMO #276

FromErwin Rene van der VELDEN

. . . . . . . . Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 1:16 AM

Subject: Tharsis Volcanoes


Hi everyone,


My latest Mars observation (on 27 July 2003) was with a reasonable seeing 6/10 to 7/10, and show the volcanoes in the Tharsis region with a cloud over Arsia Mons. The best seeing was during the recording of the image from 17:17 - 17:23 UT, and this image shows Ascraeus Mons, Pavonis Mons, Arsia Mons and Olympus Mons the clearest. Note also the colour change of the bright limb within one hour, this is not due to a change in atmospheric dispersion! I also stacked the Olympus Mons region from the data of all selected frames to provide a better view of the volcano.





Erwin van der VELDEN (Brisbane, Australia)

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