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From Frank J MELILLO

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Subject: Re: Mars - July 18, 2003



Dear all -


   'Mars Fever' is growing rapidly especially when August comes!


I have posted my Mars images July 26th at:


     The seeing was so-so at average but they were some fine moments when the seeing was still. I used the adaptive optics and the image was stabilized even more. The albedo features are very well seen. Meridiani Sinus seems to be the darkest feature and it has a fork-like appearance just to the north of it. The Martian atmosphere is free of dust.


     What caught me really was the SPC. Now, bright elongated Novissima Thyle on the left side becomes isolated from the Cap itself. Very impressive!! The edge of the Cap is irregularly and wavy-like appearance. Also, very impressive.


® . . . . . . . .Sent: Friday, August 01, 2003 2:34 PM

Subject: Mars - July 31, 2003


Dear all -


    Mars was imaged July 31st at 5:58 UT. I was struggling with the clouds and Mars was shinning only 15 seconds through a small opening hole in the clouds when I took this image at:


Luckily, I had only one chance to image Mars and it was just in focus or close to focus.


       Mars is looking normal at this view while the dust clouds in Chryse area is just beyond the morning limb. Also, it is possible that I may have captured Huygens crater which I cropped it and it is pointing by an arrow.



Director, the ALPO Mercury Section

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