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® . . . . . . . . Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2006 22:53:16 +0200

From: Christophe Pellier


Cc: Masatsugu Minami , Richard McKim

Subject: Re: [marsobservers] Mars, april 5th


Hi Joel, well I have found the answer... ! This is the circular bright area near Alba Patera (we have been talking about it here about some of Ralf's images last autumn)... Olympus Mons lies at the following (west) size. The simulation by WinJupos, much more precise than Mars Previewer, is very clear.


We might not forget that since last autumn, the declination of Earth (De) has come very close to the martian equator, and this spot lies too close to the NPC to be Olympus! Therefore, it's not bright in blue because it's purely floor albedo. In blue it's dark...


J. Warren a écrit :


>Greetings Christophe and list,

>     Christophe, I just put your data into the Mars Previewer, and it sure looks close to where Nix Olympia would be.  But then why would it be showing up bright in Red and not Blue?  Do you think Nix Olympia should be further West or East?





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>  Hi all, had some excellent seeing on the past two nights, here are some Mars images.




>  Solis Lacus is coming into view. There is a strange white spot south of

>  the NPC, seen in both R images ? This is not the longitude of Nix Olympica...

>  Christophe

Christophe PELLIER (Noisy Le Grand, Seine-St-Denis, France)


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