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The Planet Mars was at Conjunction

with the Sun

on 12 August 2002

In late-May 2002, the planet Mars became unobservable, and on 12 August it was at conjunction with the Sun, and so already it must be in the morning sky.


The conjunction was checked by the images taken by the LASCO-C2 through the Site:


The photos cited here from the above Site are from the C2 images on 11 August 2002 at 00:30 GMT and on 12 August 2002 at 22:06 GMT to be compared.



Note that top is north, but not identical with the ecliptic north.


The motion of the planet is still checkable if we refer to old images around 12 August found in


On the images of C3, on the other hand, the planet near at conjunction is concealed by the centre shield screen, but its size is wider: Its scale is easily checked if one refers to the image of the Pleiades which was taken by C3 on around 18 May 2002.


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