Communications in Mars Observations

The OAA Mars Section, Japan


--- 25 August 2002---



From #263, we cite 6 articles

  CMO No 263 contains:

1.          2001 Mars CMO Note (9) deals with the results on the 2001 local dust disturbances revealed by the wide angle swaths made by the MGS-MOC to be compared with the results secured by the ground based observations during the early July period when the global yellow storm was already apparent.

2.          The 10th CMO Meeting of Planetary Observers was held at Ina, Nagano from the night of 2 August to the morning of 5 August 2002. A short summary is give how we had the Meeting and investigated the spots along the Tenryu River where P LOWELL passed in 1889.

3.          Letters to the Editor records a number of emails or letters received during the one-month period from 25 July to 24 August 2002. Especially the emails from Tom DOBBINS and Bill SHEEHAN are interesting. We heard also from J BEISH. The attendants of the CMO Meeting also frequently communicated.

4.          Ten Years Ago (#84) given by HIKI (in Japanese) reviews CMO #120 published on 25 August 1992: Mars was a bit larger up to 6 arcsecs, and ISHADOH (Id) and IWASAKI (Iw) joined the routine observers (in addition to Nj and Mn).

5.          MINAMI gives a Seasonal Essay about his little experience at the Ina Valley this summer.

6.          Click CMO - CMO Click (20) and (21) give respectively a reference to the LASCO web concerning the Mars conjunction on 12 August and an introduction to a few interesting Webs related with some ALPO members.

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